Devlink 2008

This was my first trip to DevLink. It was Awesome!! I ended up spending the whole time involved in the Open Spaces discussions. Open Spaces are basically areas where chairs are arranged in circles and developers discuss a topic. There is no particular speaker. Anyone that would like to add to the conversation is welcome. A big thanks to Alan Stevens for setting it all up!

I learned so much this weekend. If you are a developer reading this, you should really get out there and talk to other developers. The benefits of sharing ideas and getting instant feedback are far better than you'll ever get from reading blogs and technology books. One of the best things about getting together was getting to do some live test-driven development with other developers.

It wasn't all business of course! We had plenty of drinks, guitar hero, Wii sports, poker, and karaoke. It's just a great opportunity to hang out and pick the brains of some of the greatest developers in the country. I have a lot of people to thank. Thanks to Sarah Dutkiewicz for giving me a ride to Toledo to catch the bus. Also a huge thanks to Corey Haines for filling my mind with advice from his years of experience. Another thanks to Corey for providing his excellent guitar skills! Anyway, there are too many people to thank. This has been a great overall experience. Make sure to sign up for Agile Summer Camp!